Where to get FREE ice cream sandwiches in Vancouver this weekend

Malaysian coffee bun chain PappaRoti has announced the addition of one seriously sweet item to their menu starting this Friday.

The new Coffee Bun Ice Cream Sandwich is a combo of this spot’s signature crispy-on-the-outside, warm-on-the-inside bun, stuffed with ice cream varieties such as matcha, black sesame, and Italian lemon pastry to name a few.

This Vancouver eatery just took ice cream sandwiches to a whole new level

Malaysian coffee bun chain PappaRoti has announced the addition of one seriously sweet item to their menu, coming June 1.

Behold, the Coffee Bun Ice Cream Sandwich, a combo of this spot’s signature crispy-on-the-outside-warm-on-the-inside bun stuffed with ice cream varieties such as matcha, black sesame, and Italian lemon pastry to name a few.

Another Unique Restaurant is Coming to Square One in Mississauga

There’s never any shortage of things to eat at Square One.

And now it looks like yet another popular resto is about to call the mall home.

If you’re in the mood for a unique snack, you might be happy to hear that you can soon a roti bun at the soon-to-open Pappa Roti.

The Asian export sets itself apart by offering baked goods that are made from roti, an unleavened bread that’s not typically associated with substantial, fluffy buns.

PappaRoti launches new menu with grand openings of Chinatown and Coquitlam locations

Malaysian coffee bun chain PappaRoti is continuing its roll out across Canada—and this week marks the grand openings of two new Lower Mainland locations.

A Chinatown spot, at 103–193 Keefer Place, had a soft opening in April but will hold its grand opening event tomorrow (December 8) from 3 to 7 p.m. This location is 1,023 square feet with a seating capacity of 16 people.

SPAM ALERT! PappaRoti just turned up their famous coffee buns to 100

PappaRoti is celebrating the grand opening of their Vancouver Chinatown and Coquitlam locations with some seriously drool-worthy new eats.

The Malaysian coffee bun chain just turned up their coffee buns to 100 with this epic brekkie creation – the Spam & Egger Coffee Bun. A combo of sweet and savoury fried Spam and fluffy scrambled eggs stuffed between a sliced signature PappaRoti coffee bun.

Papparoti Montreal Food Divas

If you’re looking to discover something different, look no further than Papparoti café in the Quartier des Spectacles. Papparoti serves Malaysian style roti buns, light as pillows with a crispy outside and fluffy interior that you’re sure to fall in love with. “Strawberry Fields” & “Crazy for Kaya” While the chain started in Malaysia in…

9 international restaurants we wish would come to India already

A cafe that sells buns? Doesn’t sound that exciting. But once you sink your teeth into Papparoti’s scrumptious, coffee caramel buns you will know exactly why this chain is a huge hit. These buns are freshly baked to golden-brown perfection, and are crispy on the outside but light and fluffy inside, with a buttery filling—the…

North America’s First PappaRoti Now Open On Robson Street

There are certainly no lack of cafes in Vancouver. It seems like every block has several to choose from. But a cafe of a different sort has just opened on Robson Street in Vancouver, and it’s the first of its kind in North America. PappaRoti is a very popular cafe franchise that started in Malaysia.…

Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneurs

Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneurs are Javeed Somji and Sherri Zarandooz of the beloved PappaRoti brand, which specializes in making sure you experience the buttery, coffee-caramel coated buns of the same name that first took Malaysia by storm over 10 years ago… Elevator Pitch: Describe your business in a nutshell. PappaRoti — the buttery, coffee-caramel coated…

Snack City

Autumn is the season most distinctly associated with food, especially feasting and huge family meals. But there’s a type of appetite less overtly explored when it comes to the chillier seasons, and here in Vancouver we’re particularly attuned to what drizzly greyness makes us crave. Namely, snacks. A lot of them.  Here are a few…

PappaRoti Gearing Up For National Expansion

Since opening back in 2014, PappaRoti, a cafe chain that specializes in and churns out Malaysian coffee buns like it’s nobody’s business, continues to impress Vancouverites with their moreish signature buns and sweet tasting specialty teas. While PappaRoti’s products have been limited to Vancouver only (1505 Robson Street to be precise), soon people across Canada…

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